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What is AWS Direct Connect?

AWS Direct Connect is a cloud service solution offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that implements a dedicated and private network connection from a user's premises, whether it's a data center, office, or colocation environment, to AWS. This direct connection bypasses the public internet, improving connection speed, reducing network costs, and increasing bandwidth throughput.

AWS Direct Connect plays a significant role in establishing a stable, reliable, and secure connection to AWS services. This can be crucial for running business-critical applications, migrating data, and maintaining cloud services, as it provides more consistent network performance than typical internet-based connections.

In the context of AWS Direct Connect, 'State' and 'Virtual Interface' (VIF) refer to different aspects of the connection. 'State' tells you the status of your overall physical connection and 'VIF' helps you manage and monitor the different services or VPCs that you are connecting to over that physical link. Monitoring both the overall state and the individual VIFs is crucial to maintaining a robust and reliable AWS Direct Connect service, something that ServicePilot can help you achieve.

How to monitor an AWS Direct Connect instance?

ServicePilot makes it easy to monitor the cloud infrastructure with no configuration required on the target service. Simply add a resource from the ServicePilot cloud-aws-direct-connect package to your monitoring environment.

Performance and status checks are obtained at 5 minute intervals.

The monitoring statistics gathered in this way include:

  • State
  • Ingress Bps
  • Egress Bps
  • Ingress Pps
  • Egress Pps
  • Errors
  • Encryption State

How to install a aws-direct-connect resource?

  1. Use your ServicePilot OnPremise installation or a SaaS account.
  2. Add a new aws-direct-connect resource via the web interface (/prmviews or /prmresources) or via API (/prmpackages page), the default ServicePilot agent or another agent will be provisioned automatically.

Details of the aws-direct-connect package are located in the /prmpackages page of the software.


ServicePilot enables you to deliver IT services faster and more securely with automated discovery and advanced monitoring features.

By correlating the technology AWS DIRECT CONNECT with APM and infrastructure monitoring, ServicePilot is able to provide a more comprehensive view of an organization's IT environment.

This allows IT teams to quickly identify and diagnose issues that may be impacting application performance, and take corrective action before end-users are affected.

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