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ServicePilot does not need much in the way of maintenance. For cloud deployments of ServicePilot, you will need to create an account. Depending on the volume and detail of the monitoring performed, a number of licenses will be required.

ServicePilot subscription

A ServicePilot subscription is needed before ServicePilot can begin monitoring. The subscription size, defines the number of elements that can be monitored.

Make sure that you have enough licenses to be able to use the product by defining the license limits with a little margin for growth. When adding resources, you might find that a list of newly discovered elements is not monitored if you go over the limit.

The account details allow you specify your country and upload a logo that will be included in your PDF report cover pages.

To access subscription settings:

1. Using a user with administrative privileges, log in to ServicePilot
2. Open SETTINGS > Configuration
3. Navigate to Subscription in the Account sub-menu

License types

There are 4 types of licenses.

License type Use
Object An Object is a ServicePilot collection element (SNMP, ICMP, Custom, logs, Syslog, SNMP Traps, ...). It forms a group of indicators belonging to a device, a computer resource or a service (for example, an object can be a network interface, a disk, etc.). It can also be used to create, receive, send custom metrics or for remote polling.
Host Infra A Host Infra is a physical or virtual OS instance, an IP address or a network device that you monitor with ServicePilot. With a Host Infra license you have local monitoring and unlimited objects (on-host polling).
Host Full-Stack A Host Full-Stack is an Host Infra with the addition of AppTrace and NetTrace technologies (Trace, dependencies, application flows, NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow,...).
Phone This corresponds to the number of phones for which CDRs and call quality are collected. (in the OnPremise plan only).

If the "Host" limit is reached, traces will no longer be collected and objects, Syslog and Traps will be processed within the limits of the "Object" license.

In case of license overrun the real-time supervision continues but there is no history for these Objects.

In cases where "Host" or "Object" licenses might be used, "Host" licenses will be picked first. License rules are used to allocate licenses to the resources monitored as desired.

For On-premise deployments of ServicePilot, to find out what type of license is actually used, and how the attribution rules are configured, go the License page.

1. Using a user with administrative privileges, log in to ServicePilot
2. Open SETTINGS > Configuration
3. Navigate to Subscription
4. Click on the License Info button to see details about which license can be used for which type of resource
5. Set which license to use depending on the resource by clicking on the License rules button

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