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Integration with third-party software

ServicePilot collects data from many sources, stores historical data and then generates dashboards, reports and alerts. Numerous integrations with third-party software are possible; to obtain data from existing data collectors, to change ServicePilot configuration and to output data and alerts to other systems.


In addition to the more than 300 integrated packages, ServicePilot can also obtain data from complementary technologies.


ServicePilot integrates with Telegraf agents. ServicePilot Agents ingests metric data using the InfluxDB line protocol output by Telegraf agents. See Telegraf Input Plugins for the data that can be integrated. Custom ServicePilot packages are then used to assign and present this data within the ServicePilot interface.


Metrics made available by Dynatrace can be integrated into ServicePilot. This allows ServicePilot to act as a single point of access for availability and performance metrics, simplifying alerting and reporting across you organization. Use the appmon-dynatrace-process, apptrace-dynatrace-service, user-dynatrace-apps, user-dynatrace-synthetic packages, depending on the use case, and access the data using your Dynatrace API instance with a valid API token.


Zabbix is an open source monitoring software whose agent is integrated into ServicePilot. Using the server-linux-zabbix or server-microsoft-windows-zabbix package, ServicePilot is able to monitor multiple metrics and events on Linux or Windows servers with the Zabbix agent.


ServicePilot can make use of existing Nagios Remote Plugin Executor (NRPE) scripts, calling the scripts independently of NRPE or using the existing NRPE service. The output of these scheduled script executions will add command status and simple metrics returned to the ServicePilot solution.

ServicePilot offers packages such as appmon-nrpe-ldap and server-nrpe-command-status using NRPE scripts. Custom ServicePilot packages can integrate other NRPE plugins. Contact ServicePilot support for more information.

Datadog APM

DataDog APM Tracing libraries can be automatically or manually configured to send APM traces to ServicePilot. DataDog Linux APM .NET Tracing, DataDog Linux APM Java Tracing and DataDog Linux APM Node.js Tracing may be used to automatically instrument Linux code. Other DataDog APM Tracing libraries can be configured to send data to ServicePilot Agents. These traces appear as web application (APM) traces.

APM traces can be supplemented with ServicePilot RUM and NPM traces to get a complete picture of your web application performance.


Webhooks, Slack, Pagerduty, ServiceNow

It can be interesting to link ServicePilot with other technologies for better integration. That's why ServicePilot lets you send all kinds of alerts to different technologies. For more details on alerts in ServicePilot, see Policies > Add a Policy > Alert Policies.

Send ServicePilot alerts directly to your Slack application, using the Slack API.

Use the Pagerduty API to send events from ServicePilot alerts.

ServiceNow also offers a API with which to send events from ServicePilot alerts.