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What is a custom SQL query?

SQL is a standard language for manipulating data in SQL databases. Queries to standard databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, its fork MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL or any database compatible with ODBC drivers will retrieve the SQL query information as well as the execution time with the package "Custom SQL Request".

Integrating data from SQL queries into ServicePilot for monitoring helps provide better data observability.

Custom SQL query monitoring

This package monitors a standard SQL query by periodically executing 1 to 3 SQL queries.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Agent to test one or more queries in order to obtain performance data, whether on Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL or an ODBC driver compatible database (Microsoft Access, Excel, Text/CSV file access...).

The monitoring statistics collected and analysed include:

  • General measures: database type, status, connection time, total time, response time...
  • Individual query measures: status, response time, data (ServicePilot allows the value of a query to be extracted and monitored).

Note: you can combine this package with the database-xxx package corresponding to your DB model to get additional metrics to monitor your database from end to end.

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