User experience monitoring
with the MICROSOFT-EXCHANGE package

ServicePilot user-microsoft-exchange

What is Microsoft Exchange Online?

Microsoft Exchange online is a component of the Microsoft 365 office product suite. Exchange is both an email delivery and mailbox server accessing using multiple protocols as well as business calendar, task and contact delivery system.

Exchange Web Services (EWS) are APIs allowing access to Exchange online. To make certain that this service is operating, test emails are sent and received by a ServicePilot Agent to assertain the status and responsiveness of the system.

Microsoft Exchange Online monitoring

This package automatically configures ServicePilot to monitor Microsoft Exchange web services using the Microsoft 365 Exchange web service APIs and the ServicePilot Agent.

The monitoring statistics gathered in this way include:

  • Test successes
  • Authentication time
  • Inbox list time
  • Get email time
  • Get attachment time
  • Send email time
  • Test emails received
  • Test email delivery time
  • Test email hop count