Security monitoring
with the CHECKPOINT-FIREWALL package

ServicePilot security-checkpoint-firewall

What is Checkpoint Firewall?

Checkpoint firewall is a firewall provided by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

Checkpoint security appliances are vital to regulate application usage, network traffic policy enforcement, intrusion prevention, identity awareness amongst many other information system capabilities.

Checkpoint Firewall Package Description

This package is built to monitor Checkpoint Firewall devices using SNMP to ensure optimal security appliance performances. Statistics are collected for a single device, in order to provide an overall view of the status and health of the different system and board components of the device.

Applying a ServicePilot package in the web interface automatically configures the ServicePilot Agent to collect statistics from the Checkpoint Firewall on which SNMP Service has been configured.

The statistics gathered in this way allow complete monitoring of Checkpoint firewalls with more than 100 key indicators categorized by class. The statistics gathered in this way include:

  • Resource usage for the gateway System, CPU, memory and Disk metrics
  • Interfaces activity (interfaces will be automatically discovered)
  • Fan, Temperature and Power Supply status indicators
  • Virtual System and appliance activity counters
  • HA state and cluster mode statistics...

Network and security administrators can produce charts documenting the number of resource and system performance alerts, rejected traffic, or connections usage in order to identify possible security appliance bottlenecks and ensure next gen firewall efficiency.

Security monitoring CHECKPOINT-FIREWALL 0

Security monitoring CHECKPOINT-FIREWALL 1

Security monitoring CHECKPOINT-FIREWALL 2

Security monitoring CHECKPOINT-FIREWALL 3

Security monitoring CHECKPOINT-FIREWALL 4

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