Log monitoring

ServicePilot log-windows-scheduled-tasks

What are Windows Scheduled Tasks?

Windows Scheduled Tasks are the scheduled work that the Task Scheduler service performs. The Task Scheduler is a Windows component that can automatically runs tasks at specific times or in response to specific events. A task is composed of different components, but a task must contain a trigger that the Task Scheduler uses to start the task and an action that describes what work the task Scheduler will perform.

Task scheduler will log events on task registration, at task launch, and when the task instance has been sent to the engine. Events will also be logged on task failures and any task-related problems.

Windows Scheduled Tasks monitoring

This package is built to monitor Windows Task Scheduler Events by collecting logs from the Task Scheduler Event journal.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Agent to collect statistics from the Windows Servers on which the ServicePilot Agent has been configured.

Individual Windows Task Scheduler events are kept for analysis and monitoring metrics are also gathered including:

  • Total Events
  • Actions Completed Successfully
  • Actions Completed with Errors
  • Failed to Complete
  • Failed to Launch
  • Timouts
  • Timout Failures