Log monitoring
with the TRAP-RECEIVER package

ServicePilot log-trap-receiver

What is SNMP Traps Collector?

The trap receiver pacckage uses simple Network Management Protocol, often just called SNMP, a protocol that allows IT administrators to manage equipment and diagnose problems.

SNMP traps are information sent using the SNMP protocol from a monitored equipment to a SNMP trap collector.

SNMP Traps typically contain several attributes including:

  • Address of the equipment that sent the information.
  • The root OID (Object Identifier) is the identifier of the received message.
  • The message sent through the SNMP trap which corresponds to a set of parameters (1 to N).

SNMP Traps Collector monitoring

This package enables SNMP Trap collection.

The SNMP Traps Collector configures a ServicePilot Windows or Linux Agent to listen on a port for SNMP traps and notifications. These are then sent on to the ServicePilot Manager.

You can use the analysis and search section of the ServicePilot web interface in order to find the answers to any question you might have using the SNMP Trap search engine and ServicePilot query language.

Log monitoring TRAP-RECEIVER 0

Log monitoring TRAP-RECEIVER 1