Log monitoring
with the SYSLOG-RECEIVER package

ServicePilot log-syslog-receiver

Whats is Syslog Collector?

Syslog is a protocol defining an event log service of a computer system. It is also the name of the format that allows these exchanges. A syslog receiver collector enables Syslog collection and forwarding.

Syslog events are stored in a specific ServicePilot collection called "Syslog" in order to provide advanced dashboard presenting events severity and facility over time and Top Hosts by Events.

Syslog Collector monitoring

This package enables Syslog collection and reception in ServicePilot.

The Syslog Collector configures a ServicePilot Windows or Linux Agent to listen on a port for Syslogs. These are then sent on to the ServicePilot Manager.

You can use the analysis and search section of the ServicePilot web interface in order to find the answers to any question you might have using the syslog search engine and ServicePilot query language.

Log monitoring SYSLOG-RECEIVER 0

Log monitoring SYSLOG-RECEIVER 1

Log monitoring SYSLOG-RECEIVER 2