Server monitoring
with the NRPE-COMMAND-STATUS package

ServicePilot server-nrpe-command-status

What is NRPE Command Status?

Nagios is an Open Source software created in 1996 and released under GPL v2.

In typical Nagios environments, an NRPE addon is deployed to allow a Nagios plugin command execution on a remote Linux or *nix machine. Each check generate metrics with an alarm status.

NRPE Command Status monitoring

This package is designed to run an NRPE command and capture its alarm status using NRPE.

This package can be customized to return the status of any available NRPE check command. The status values OK, WARNING, CRITICAL and UNKNOWN are returned as well as the text.

The NRPE Command Status package will support remote NRPE with or without SSL encryption. At the moment only unencrypted connections are supported.