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How to monitor IBM-ISERIES?

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What is IBM iSeries Server?

The IBM System/400 Application Server, often just called AS/400, is a computer system created by IBM in 1988.

The AS/400 has been renamed to eServer iSeries in 2000 before being called System i5 in 2004 with the arrival of a brand of POWER processors.

The iSeries was created to extend the System/38 architecture of an object-based system as well as facilitate DB2 relational database integration and ODBC/JDBC management among other features.

It also allowed IBM to introduce robust and proven Mainframe concepts in its other product lines, like the LPAR (Logical PARtitioning of server resources to run multiple instances on the same host), a concept developed by IBM in 1972.

IBM iSeries Server monitoring

This package is designed to monitor an iSeries Server using SNMP.

ServicePilot uses SNMP to monitor iSeries Server in terms of:

  • System: CPU and Memory utilization
  • Storage: Disk utilization
  • Network: Interface status and utilization
Server monitoring IBM-ISERIES 0

Server monitoring IBM-ISERIES 1

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