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Check firewall efficiency

Firewalls enforce the company's security policy by controlling and blocking the flow of data between different zones. Monitoring the health of equipment, network traffic and logs is essential. ServicePilot provides monitoring templates for Cisco, Check Point, Fortinet, Sonicwall, ...

Check firewall efficiency

Anticipate the network load balance

One of the main difficulties encountered by network administrators is balancing network load to improve the capacity of the infrastructure to respond to requests within an acceptable response time during peaks of traffic. ServicePilot brings visibility to the health of equipment, cluster status and load balancing for manufacturers: Cisco, F5 Big IP, Citrix Netscaler, ...

Anticipate the network load balance

WAN optimization

WAN optimization solutions accelerate data sending and application execution across the entire network, be that data centers, cloud infrastructure, remote offices, or even mobile workers. Integrating WAN equipment into your network mapping is essential for an end-to-end vision of the application chain. ServicePilot monitors the solutions of Riverbed, Cisco, ...

WAN optimization

Servicepilot network performance monitoring


ServicePilot gives us an accurate view of network service quality and allows us to anticipate any slowdown.

ServicePilot security monitoring


Synthesis of all safety equipment per technology family: Firewall, Accelerator, Load balancer, Proxy, ...

Extended monitoring

Performance KPI and syslog collection for availability and security failure analysis.


Predefined dashboards, alerts and reports on standard metrics allowing network teams immediate access to operation and capacity management.


Preconfigured monitoring for security equipment available for most of manufacturers in the market, ...

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