Discover the real activity of your servers,
applications and desktops

"Infrastructures are sized to absorb data inflows related to peak use, just a few hours a day, and remain underutilized the rest of the time"

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Automatic discovery of your computer equipment

  • No equipment required
  • Cloud solution
  • Very light agent, zero configuration
  • Auto-configuration on all servers and workstations
  • Inventory of servers, applications and workstations

Collection of the activity of each resource

  • Inventory of servers
  • Inventory of applications
  • Details of the activity from 15 minutes to more than one year
  • System availability and performance
  • Supports several thousand devices

Our goal
Help you reduce your IT consumption by 10%, 20%, 30% or more?


  • Understand the use and performance of your servers
  • Reduce the number of active servers
  • Group servers together
  • Save on licenses
  • Save in the cloud
  • Reduce energy consumption


  • Perform an automatic inventory of applications
  • Manage the hosting of applications in servers
  • Detect "obese" applications
  • Monitoring of the real activity of the applications
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Save in the cloud
  • Reduce energy consumption


  • Perform an automatic desktop inventory
  • Monitoring the real activity of the workstations
  • Monitoring computers’ performances (CPU, Memory, Disk)
  • Perform an automatic power-off after xx minutes of inactivity
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Save on Windows licenses

How an insurance group saves 30% of its expenses in the cloud

"ServicePilot showed us in a few minutes how to reduce our PAAS bill by 30%. Guaranteed ROI, excellent solution."
  • Fast ROI: resource and license savings
  • Reorganization and reduction of the number of VMs
  • Optimization of cloud resources, shutdown of some VMs at certain times
  • Reallocation of Desktops

Receive an Audit report every week for 4 weeks

  • List of servers with technical details and activity details
  • Server network activity
  • Server performance
  • Details of each server: consumption histogram, list of communicating applications
  • List of PCs with software installed and duration of use