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What is Alcatel OmniStack?

Alcatel OmniSwitch is a switching hardware and software solution manufactured and commercialized by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.

This package is designed to monitor an Alcatel OmniStack device.

Statistics are collected for a single device , in order to provide an overall view of the status and health of the different system and board components of the device.

Statistics are also collected for the different interfaces present on the device. Interfaces are automatically discovered and added to the monitoring environment.

Alcatel OmniStack monitoring

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Manager to collect statistics from the Alcatel OmniStack based on SNMP collection. The different statistics gathered this way include:

  • System: CPU and Memory
  • Board: power supplies and fans status, temperature, and sensor status
  • Interfaces (optional): traffic, load, volumes and errors

The statistics are stored in order to provide advanced dashboards presenting CPU, Memory and Interface information over time which allow for comprehensive diagnostics of problems.

network monitoring ALCATEL-OMNISTACK 0

network monitoring ALCATEL-OMNISTACK 1

network monitoring ALCATEL-OMNISTACK 2