Network monitoring
with the BLUE-COAT-PROXYSG package

ServicePilot network-blue-coat-proxysg

What is Blue Coat ProxySG monitoring?

The Blue Cloat ProxySG is a security Web Gateway & Proxy Appliance commercialized by Symantec (since their Blue Coat official purchase in 2016) aiming to provide better web security, filtering, visibility and control.

Blue Coat ProxySG package description

This package is built to monitor Blue Coat ProxySG devices using SNMP.

Statistics are collected for a single device, in order to provide an overall view of the status and health of the different system and board components of the device.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Agent to collect statistics from the Blue Coat ProxySG device based on SNMP collection. The different statistics gathered this way include:

  • System (CPU, Memory, Disk Utilization)
  • Proxy activity
  • Attacks (will be automatically discovered)
  • Sensors (will be automatically discovered)
  • Interfaces (will be automatically discovered)
Network monitoring BLUE-COAT-PROXYSG 0

Network monitoring BLUE-COAT-PROXYSG 1

Network monitoring BLUE-COAT-PROXYSG 2