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ServicePilot network-rmon1-ethernet-interface

What is a RMon1 - Ethernet Interface?

The Remote Network MONitoring (RMON) MIB defines sets of traffic counters and functions that have been gathered into numbered groups and specified in MIB files.

RMON is available in two versions, RMON 1 and RMON 2, in order to cover the 7 layers of the OSI model.

The RMON 1 standard was created to provide information on network exchanges in the physical and logical link layers and supports Ethernet and Token Ring protocol as defined in the RFC 17571.

RMon1 - Ethernet Interface monitoring

This package aims at monitoring an RMon1 - Ethernet interface using SNMP.

ServicePilot uses SNMP to monitor RMon1 - Ethernet interface in terms of:

  • Traffic in bytes
  • Traffic in packets
  • Packet size distribution
  • Broadcast-multicast packets
  • Collisions
  • Various errors