Application monitoring
with the JOLOKIA package

ServicePilot appmon-jolokia

What is Jolokia?

Java Management Extensions (JMX) is an API for Java to manage the operation of a running Java application and has been integrated by default into J2SE since version 5.0.

Jolokia is plugin agent that can be used to enable remote access to JMX. Jolokia exposes JMX metrics for Java applications which can then be queried by third-party agent over HTTP via POST or GET requests.

Different metrics, such as memory usage and thread count, can be collected in bulk from different specified MBeans of Java applications.

Monitoring Java applications with Jolokia

This package monitors JMX metrics from Java applications.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Agent in order to monitor availability and performance of Java applications by querying JMX metrics exposed by the Jolokia plugin. The ServicePilot Agent sends bulk requests over HTTP to the Jolokia plugin.

The statistics gathered in this way are:

  • Memory
    • Heap Memory Usage
    • Heap Memory Max
    • Heap Memory Commited
  • Threading
    • Thread Count
    • Total Started Thread Count
    • Peak Thread Count
    • Daemon Thread Count
  • Class Loading
    • Loaded Class Count
    • Unloaded Class Count
    • Total Loaded Class Count
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