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How to monitor IIS?

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What is IIS App trace monitoring?

IIS, Internet Information Services (or formerly known as Internet Information Server) is an extensible web server created by Microsoft for its Windows environments.

IIS application trace monitoring allows to monitor and analyze every single IIS business web transaction. ServicePilot provides a production application monitoring package which aims at going beyond Windows metrics and specific counters, for an operational performance monitoring your Internet Information Services web server’s activity.

The ServicePilot IIS Server application instrumentation happens without modifying or touching the existing codebase.

The web Server is widely used in windows enterprise environments. IIS application monitoring typically include HTTP(S) web checks, important Windows Performance Counters and more, but ServicePilot also provides Microsoft IIS application Trace monitoring in order to grasp end-to-end visibility and real user monitoring.

In order to provide a real full-stack performance visibility over your IIS application dependencies, several packages can be added to fill in your application topology map and surveillance: Microsoft .NET traces, Windows counters, IIS application logs, HTTP(S) web tests and scenario, Microsoft SQL server and many more.

Microsoft IIS Trace monitoring

This package monitors web transactions on a Microsoft IIS web server.

This package uses a ServicePilot Windows Agent in combination with a ServicePilot IIS trace agent embedded in the IIS web server to automatically collect web HTTP(S) transaction statistics. Details collected per transaction include:

This allows to gather summarized statistics (min,max,avg...) per IIS application such as:

  • Requests per minute
  • HTTP return codes and methods
  • Number of transactions in each response time range
  • Established transactions

In order to provide deep IIS application insights, details collected per transaction include:

  • URL and web page path
  • IP client and HTTP host
  • Real User Response time monitoring (RUM)
  • HTTP Return code and method

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