Application monitoring
with the SIKULIX-SCHEDULER package

ServicePilot appmon-sikulix-scheduler

What is SikuliX Scheduler?

SikuliX is a testing solution for applications. It automates tests for what you see on the screen of your computer running Windows.

This is handy in cases when there is no easy access to a GUI's internals or the source code of the application or web page you want to act on.

You can enjoy using SikuliX to automate simple repetitive tasks without learning one of the supported scripting languages using the SikuliX IDE (Python, Ruby, Javascript).

This package is designed to upload and schedule and run SikuliX scenarios under Windows.

SikuliX Scheduler monitoring

This package uses the ServicePilot Agent to upload a ZIP file containing a number of SikuliX scenarios. A Windows PowerShell script is then called to unpack this ZIP file and create a Windows task that will run the SikuliX scenarios in sequence.

For each scenario run, another ServicePilot resource will be needed to receive the data of the run.

WARNING: Only one appmon-sikulix-scheduler resource can be added by Windows computer on which a ServicePilot Agent is installed. Multiple scenarios can be run by the same scheduler but these must be run in sequence as SikuliX makes use of the Windows Desktop.

NOTE: A Windows user needs to be logged in to a Desktop on the Windows computer on which the SikuliX scenarios are to be run. This Desktop needs to be available at all times for the SukuliX scenarios run so make certain that a Windows console Desktop is open, set to never lock and that the computer will not sleep or suspend.

WARNING: Each scenario will need to tidy up after itself, even in case of failure, or subsequent scenarios will need to clean the environment so that they may produce reproducible results. For example if a web browser is used, it should probably be opened when the scenario is started and closed when the scenario ends.