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ServicePilot appmon-windows-certification-authority

What is a Windows Certification Authority?

A Microsoft Windows Certification Authority (CA) is responsible for attesting to the identity of users, computers, and organizations. The CA authenticates an entity and vouches for that identity by issuing a digitally signed certificate. The CA can also manage, revoke, and renew certificates. With Windows Server, the implementation of a Certification Authority is done through the Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) role.

Windows Certification Authority monitoring

This package is designed to run a command to capture information about the Windows Certification Authority issued certificates expiration.

It is configured to collect the number of days remaining before the authority's own certificate expires, and how many issued certificates will expire in 30 days, in 15 days, or are already expired.

The output of the console command is then passed back to ServicePilot and presented as indicators that can then have threshold policies applied.