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ServicePilot appmon-dynatrace-process

What is a Dynatrace process?

A process is an instance of an executed computer program. Processes serve as containers that host services. When you look at processes you see topology information, whereas services give you code-level insight. For example, you might have a Tomcat process that hosts a web application in the form of a server-side service. While processes are host-centric, associated with a single machine in your environment, services are request-centric and therefore typically span across multiple machines in a data center.

A process group is a logical cluster of processes that belong to the same application or deployment unit and perform the same function across multiple hosts. Process groups are key building blocks of most modern web-based applications.

Dynatrace process monitoring

This package integrates processes and group processes statistics monitored by Dynatrace requesting Dynatrace's API.

This gathers per Dynatrace-process statistics including:

  • CPU utilization
  • Memory usage
  • Process counts
  • Garbage Collector suspension times
  • ...