Application monitoring
with the IP-ROUTE-ANALYSIS package

ServicePilot appmon-ip-route-analysis

What is IP Route Analysis?

In TCP/IP networks, IP addresses route on several network hops in order to reach its destination and connect with each other. Depending on the location, destination, network sizes and architectures, an IP route can range from fairly simple to very complex, especially in large networks.

IP Route Analysis monitoring

This IP Route Analysis package monitors the reachability of a specific IP Address.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Agent in order to check the reachability of a specific IP Address by:

  • Listing the intermediary IP addresses that can be found on the route to the destination
  • Testing its response time and putting emphasis on worst response time and link
Application monitoring IP-ROUTE-ANALYSIS 0

Application monitoring IP-ROUTE-ANALYSIS 1

Application monitoring IP-ROUTE-ANALYSIS 2