Application monitoring
with the LIGHTHOUSE package

ServicePilot appmon-lighthouse

What is LightHouse?

LightHouse is a Node.JS library, developed by Google, analyzing web pages to collect performance metrics and insights regarding modern web development best practices.

Monitoring LightHouse

This package monitors LightHouse Metrics.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Agent in order to monitor the availability and performance of LightHouse.

Some of the statistics gathered in this way are:

  • Performance: The Performance score is a weighted average of the metric scores. Performance is based on: First Contentful Paint, Speed Index, Largest Contentful Paint, Time To Interactive, Total Blocking Time and Cumulative Layout Shift.
  • Accessibility: These checks highlight opportunities to improve the accessibility of your web app. Only a subset of accessibility issues can be automatically detected so manual testing is also encouraged.
  • Best Practice: These checks highlight opportunities to improve the overall code health on your web app. Best Practice is based on: Use HTTPs.
  • SEO: These checks ensure that your page is following basic search engine optimization advice. There are many additional factors Lighthouse does not score here that may affect your search ranking, including performance on Core Web Vitals.
  • PWA: These checks validate the aspects of a Progressive Web App.
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