Application monitoring
with the PUPPETEER package

ServicePilot appmon-puppeteer

What is Puppeteer?

As a Node library, Puppeteer implements a high-level API to communicate and control a Chromium or Chrome browser using the DevTools Protocol.
Puppeteer can be used to automate UI testing by directly running tests in the latest version of Chromium or Chrome using the latest browser features.

Monitoring Puppeteer Web Application tests

This package monitors Puppeteer Metrics.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Agent in order to monitor the availability and performance of Puppeteer.

Some of the statistics gathered in this way are:

  • Nodes: Number of DOM nodes in the page
  • Layout Duration: Combined durations of all page layouts.
  • RecalcStyleDuration: Combined duration of all page style recalcutions
  • Script Duration: Combined durations of JavaScript execution
  • Task Duration: Combined durations of all tasks performed by the browser
  • JSHeapUsedSize: Used JavaScript heap size
  • HTTPStatusCode: Page code return
Application monitoring PUPPETEER 0

Application monitoring PUPPETEER 1