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mitel VoIP monitoring

What is Mitel?

Mitel is a company specialized in VoIP and UC solutions. Mitel acquired Aastra Technologies Limited in 2013. The company provides a range of solutions for business communication needs, including IP telephony, contact center, and unified communications solutions.

Mitel's solutions are designed to improve communication and collaboration within businesses, helping to increase productivity and efficiency. They offer a comprehensive suite of tools for voice, video, and text communication, allowing businesses to manage all their communication needs in one place.

Key features of Mitel solutions include:

  • Unified Communications: Mitel's unified communications solutions integrate voice, video, and text communication into a single platform, improving collaboration and productivity.
  • IP Telephony: Mitel offers a range of IP telephony solutions, providing high-quality voice communication over IP networks.
  • Contact Center Solutions: Mitel's contact center solutions provide tools for managing customer interactions, improving customer service and satisfaction.

The Mitel 5000 solution is an Enterprise IP Telephony software application that supports all common protocols (SIP, Wi-Fi, H323), CTI, unified administration application interfaces and more voice features.

The IntelliGate is the Mitel Gateway that allows interconnecting multiple sites over IP to use the internal network Voice functionalities. It is a key component of Mitel's enterprise communication solutions, providing connectivity between different sites and enabling unified communication across the organization.

How to monitor Mitel Unified Communications?

ServicePilot uses a combination of SNMP and the ServicePilot Agent to fully monitor Mitel Call Servers and Gateways with only minimal configuration required on target device. A resource of the voip-mitel package then needs to be added via the ServicePilot web interface.

The statistics collected via SNMP include:

  • Link Connection Status
  • Service status
  • Hardware and software status
  • CPU, Memory and Disk utilization for each Call Server or Gateway
  • Network interface statistics

The statistics collected using the ServicePilot agent include:

  • Mitel Trunk statistics
  • RTCP-XR (used for call quality statistics)

How to install a mitel resource?

  1. Use your ServicePilot OnPremise installation or a SaaS account.
  2. Add a new mitel resource via the web interface (/prmviews or /prmresources) or via API (/prmpackages page), the default ServicePilot agent or another agent will be provisioned automatically.

Details of the mitel package are located in the /prmpackages page of the software.


ServicePilot enables you to deliver IT services faster and more securely with automated discovery and advanced monitoring features.

By correlating the technology MITEL with APM and infrastructure monitoring, ServicePilot is able to provide a more comprehensive view of an organization's IT environment.

This allows IT teams to quickly identify and diagnose issues that may be impacting application performance, and take corrective action before end-users are affected.

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