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How to monitor SHORETEL?

ServicePilot voip-shoretel

What is ShoreTel VoIP ?

ShoreTel, Inc. (now Mitel) was a telecommunications vendor providing unified communications infrastructure and phone system applications for businesses.

ShoreTel VoIP monitoring

The ServicePilot ShoreTel VoIP package provides the basis of the ShoreTel voice call quality monitoring.

The ShoreTel VoIP package is designed to gather call quality information by network zone and general call statistics. One ShoreTel VoIP package is expected to be deployed per customer. Each customer will then have all of their ShoreTel VoIP equipment listed in the ShoreTel VoIP Infrastructure sub-view of this package.

This package makes use of the ShoreTel MySQL CDR report database. When configuring this package, database configuration and credentials are requested so that statistics can be retrieved. The statistics include:

  • Call Statistics
  • Call Quality (by network or zone)