VoIP monitoring
with the CISCO-USP package

ServicePilot voip-cisco-usp

What is Cisco USP?

The Cisco Ultra Services Platform, often simply called Cisco USP, is a 5G-ready virtual mobility network platform that provides a robust and highly scalable architecture that can quickly deploy mobility services across a distributed network in a virtualized environment. 5G will support countless emerging use cases with a variety of applications that drive significant variability in their performance attributes. From delay-sensitive mobile video applications to infrequent connectivity for simple devices, the diversity of use cases will demand substantially increased throughput, lower latency, ultra-high reliability with substantially higher connection densities.

Cisco USP monitoring

This package is designed to monitor Cisco USP using SNMP.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Agent to collect statistics from a Cisco Ultra Services Platform on which SNMP service has been installed and configured.

The statistics gathered in this way include data for each USP group and general call statistics such as:

  • Cisco USP Call Statistics
    • Total calls
    • Failed calls
    • Dropped calls
  • Cisco USP Group Element
    • Status
    • Failed calls
    • Total calls
  • Cisco USP Group Status
    • Group staus
    • Ping status