VoIP monitoring
with the CISCO-UNITY package

ServicePilot voip-cisco-unity

What is Cisco Unity?

Cisco Unity Connection, often just called Cisco Unity, is a Cisco solution to manage voice messages by email, web clients, mobile devices, IM, or desktop clients.

Cisco Unity monitoring

This package is designed to monitor Cisco Unity Server.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Agent to collect statistics from Cisco unity Server on which SNMP service has been installed and configured.

The metrics gathered in this way include more than 35 metrics such as:

  • Cisco Unity Global Information
    • unityServerState
    • Active Ports
    • Port Usage
    • VMI Subscriber License Usage...
  • Cisco Unity Port
    • Answering Calls
    • Trap Connection...
VoIP monitoring CISCO-UNITY 0

VoIP monitoring CISCO-UNITY 1