VoIP monitoring
with the AVAYA-AES package

ServicePilot voip-avaya-aes

What is Avaya AES?

Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services, often called Avaya AES, is a software providing telephony APIs, Web Services, and the exposition of the Avaya Communication features.

Avaya AES package description

The ServicePilot Avaya AES package collects information for Avaya Application Enablement Services servers.

The Avaya AES package uses SNMP to query Avaya Application Enablement Services servers. The statistics gathered in this way include:

  • System information
  • CPU, Memory and Disk utilization
  • Definity LAN Gateway service status
  • Transport Layer service status
  • AEP Link status and messaging usage
  • Device Media Call Control service status, license, session, device and memory usage
  • TSAPI service status license, link, clients, memory and stream usage
  • Network interface statistics
VoIP monitoring AVAYA-AES 0

VoIP monitoring AVAYA-AES 1

VoIP monitoring AVAYA-AES 2

VoIP monitoring AVAYA-AES 3