VoIP monitoring

ServicePilot voip-avaya-communication-manager

What is Avaya Communication Manager?

The Avaya Aura Communication Manager is the Avaya central voice, video and collaboration PBX solution.

Avaya Communication Manager monitoring

The ServicePilot Avaya Communication Manager package collects information for Avaya Aura Communication Managers.

The Avaya Communication Manager package uses SNMP to query Avaya Aura Communication Managers. A simplex or duplex Main ACM is queried as well as one ESS simplex or duplex if present and configured.

The statistics gathered in this way include:

  • Busy trunks and stations
  • Registered stations, attendant consoles and remote office stations
  • CPU utilization
  • Network interface statistics

The Avaya Communication Manager package also configures the ServicePilot Agent to obtain Avaya Aura Communication Manager inventory and performance details using Avaya SAT connections. Details collected include:

  • H.323 phones
  • ACD Agents
  • Cabinets
  • Boards
  • Local Survivable Processors
  • Media Gateways
  • Network Regions
  • Network Region Call Admission Control
  • Trunk Groups

The Avaya Communication Manager package will also configure the ServicePilot Agent to collect CDRs from TCP streams from the ACM. It can also correlate RTCP media quality statistics gathered with the voip-avaya-rtcp-media-quality package. These details are used as the basis for call statistics and call quality statistics.