VoIP monitoring

ServicePilot voip-cisco-call-manager-standalone

What is Cisco Call Manager Standalone?

The ServicePilot Cisco Call Manager Standalone package collects information for Cisco Unified Communications Managers.

Cisco Call Manager Standalone monitoring

The Cisco Call Manager Standalone package uses SNMP to query Cisco Unified Communications Managers. Standalone or Publisher and Subscriber components can be monitored. The statistics gathered in this way include:

  • System information
  • CPU, Memory, Process and Disk utilization
  • Network interface statistics

The Cisco Call Manager Standalone package also configures the ServicePilot Agent to obtain Cisco Unified Communications Manager inventory and performance details using Cisco AXL connections. Details collected depend on the device type:

  • Publisher
    • License Information
    • Locations
    • SIP Devices
  • Subscriber
    • Call Activity
    • Registered Devices
    • H323 Gateways
    • GateKeeeper Gateways
    • Database Replication
    • Conferences
    • MGCP Gateways
    • Channel Activity

The Cisco Call Manager Standalone package will also configure the ServicePilot Agent to enable an FTP server, to which CDR and CMR records are to be transferred by the CUCM on a schedule. These details are used as the basis for call statistics and call quality statistics.

The Cisco Call Manager Standalone package can also check Cisco Disaster Recovery files. The files will be copied from the backup server defined to an empty local directory using SFTP. ServicePilot Manager will then monitor the state of the backup. Ticking the Summary checkbox will also provide summary information for all Cisco servers that are being backed-up.