VoIP monitoring

ServicePilot voip-cisco-disaster-recovery-system

What is Cisco Disaster Recovery System?

The Cisco Disaster Recovery System (DRS) can be enabled in a Cisco CUCM environment and aims to provide full data backup as well as restoration capabilities for servers in a Cisco Call Manager server cluster.

Cisco Disaster Recovery System monitoring

This package monitors a Cisco Disaster Recovery System analysing the cluster-level backup result summary files (*_drfComponent.xml) centralized and archived on a storage device.

This package automatically configures a ServicePilot Agent to collect statistics from the storage device in terms of number of recovery operations (features and components) based on an SFTP collection to get and then analyze _drfComponent.xml files.

The indicators collected in this way are:

  • Status
  • Features
  • Features OK
  • Components
  • Components OK
  • StartTime
  • EndTime
  • Duration