VoIP monitoring

ServicePilot voip-witness-systems-contactstore

What is a Witness Systems ContactStore?

Witness ContactStore is an IP-based recording solution allows recording of IP endpoints, as well as digital and analog endpoints, without extra wiring to the telephone. Thus, the same software-based solution can accommodate digital, IP, analog, and mixed environments, making it a protected investment through the migration to IP. Call Recording becomes just another service on the network.

Witness Systems ContactStore monitoring

The ServicePilot Witness Systems ContactStore package counts and presents SNMP Traps received from Witness ContactStores.

When Witness ContactStore SNMP Traps are received by the ServicePilot Agent and forwarded to the ServicePilot Manager, they can be categorized as per the defined trap categorazation rules and tallied. Each time an SNMP Trap is received ServicePilot will analyze the severity of the trap and log the trap so that it may be correlated in dashboards.