VoIP monitoring
How to monitor GENESYS?

ServicePilot voip-genesys

What is Genesys?

Genesys is a company and solution designed for customer experience and call center technology. It provides advanced enterprise routing, queue, call and agent VoIP features.

Genesis monitoring

The ServicePilot Genesys package collects information from Genesys servers using a Genesys Universal SDK/Platform SDK Suite (Statistics Platform SDK) Wallboard Connector API.

This package configures the ServicePilot Manager to collect statistics from a Genesys system. The statistics gathered in this way include more than 30 indicators for:

  • VQMotif: Queue utilization (received incoming calls, distributed calls, maximum waiting time...)
  • VQFlux: Queue utilization (distributed calls, abandoned calls...)
  • RoutingPoint: Routing Point utilization (answered calls, calls waiting, average waiting time...)
  • VAG: Agent utilization (logged Agents, available agents, unavailable agents...)