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What is Avaya RTCP Call Quality?

RTP is the Real-time Transport Protocol enabling end-to-end network services for real-time data like VoIP. RTCP is the RTP Control (Real-time Transport Control Protocol).

Avaya IP Telephones have RTCP enabled so that ServicePilot's Voice over IP (VoIP) Call Quality Monitoring software can provide real-time monitoring and historical data of the audio quality of VoIP calls.

Avaya RTCP Call Quality monitoring

The ServicePilot Avaya RTCP Call Quality package collects call quality information from phones, SBCs, media gateways and servers.

The Avaya RTCP Call Quality package uses RTCP packets sent to the ServicePilot Agent to generate call quality statistics. The statistics gathered in this way include:

  • Call Quality logs
  • Call Quality statistics totals
  • Call Quality statistics per zone, if defined