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ServicePilot voip-skype-for-business-mediation-role

What is Skype For Business Mediation Role ?

In Skype for Business VoIP environments, the Mediation Server role supports the Enterprise Voice workload, dial-in conferencing, and advanced Enterprise Voice applications (Response Group application, Call Park application, call admission control (CAC)...). The Mediation Server is built-in with the Front End Server, so an individual Mediation Server is not necessary.

You will need a stand-alone Mediation Role server if you configure and connect your Enterprise Voice infrastructure to your SIP trunk provider and SBC infrastructure.

The trunk is the logical connection between the gateway and the Skype for Business Server Mediation role server.

Skype For Business Mediation Role monitoring

The ServicePilot Skype For Business Mediation Role package collects Mediation Role pool statistics.

  • This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Manager to collect statistics from Skype For Business Mediation Role using WMI. The statistics gathered in this way provide detailed metrics for :
    • Mediation Activity Counters
    • Mediation Health Counters