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How to monitor CISCO-XCODE?

ServicePilot voip-cisco-xcode

What are Cisco XCODE resources?

The Cisco Transcoder Media Resource or Cisco XCODE is a Cisco Unified Communications Manager component.

The CUCM invokes a transcoder on behalf of endpoint devices when the two devices use different voice codecs and would normally not be able to communicate. When inserted into a call, the transcoder converts the data streams between the two incompatible codecs to enable communications between them.The transcoder remains invisible to either the user or the endpoints that are involved in a call.

A transcoder provides a designated number of streaming mechanisms, each of which can transcode data streams between different codecs.

Cisco XCODE monitoring

This package is designed to monitor Cisco Transcoder Media Resources using SNMP.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Manager to collect statistics from Cisco Resources on which SNMP service has been installed and configured.

The statistics gathered in this way include data for Cisco Transcoder Media Resources.